Every idea needs a sounding board. 

Marketing strategy is hard.

What is the right market position? What are my customers looking for? How can I get execs on the same page? These questions can't have multiple answers, they need a decisive strategy.

Figurr can help you figure that out.

High Growth Startup clients

About David Cooperstein

David is a 25-year veteran of marketing, strategy, and digital media leadership. He currently does marketing strategy and leadership projects at start-up and public companies as the Founder of consultancy Figurr. Throughout his career he has been a thought leader on the convergence of marketing, technology and internet strategy. David led the CMO research practice at Forrester Research, and had previously led their Telecom and Retail industry practices. In addition to Forrester, David served on the executive teams of four digital media companies. Most recently, he served as the first CMO of PebblePost during their seed stage. He was CMO of Simulmedia where he repositioned the company for TV's digital and data era, At Burst Media, he led the transformation of their pricing and packaging. And head of content development and audience management at Gather.com, a social media start up in the "Friendster/MySpace" era, he helped grow from zero to 500,000 members in its first year. He continues to work with leading edge start ups helping them get their marketing strategy set and acted upon. 

Prior to his time in the digital world, David led market analysis for the international division of Northwest Airlines, and was a consultant at Booz & Company. David has a bachelor's degree from Cornell University in Consumer Economics.